Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hangover helper / special new years day show

on New Years Day @ Zuzu - 'night of the living deadhead' & pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS team up & present a showcase of sorts to celebrate the new label and the new year. Since, Dave Cave is unable to make it to this show- I suggested that both Fedavees & CreaturoS play some Beat Awfuls tunes. A fun and special idea- I have been playing these songs on drums for years- now will attempt them on guitar and vocal. Tommy has played some of these jams on guitar- will now rock the drum parts- should be fun- I have asked some friends to guest vocal on a few jams as well.
normally the 'night of the living deadhead' shows are on a monday- and hosted by myself along with Joe of CreaturoS so it's hard for us to get a chance to enjoy the night and play because we're always working- so i guess the plan this time is to both play and both enjoy..and kinda work?

~~~~update!!!! 2/9/12 a video of this has surface on the interwebs!!!! shizzammm!